DLM  Studios
Dave Morgan
Lead Engineer
2243 N Horseshoe Circle
Derby, Kansas 67037


Demo Tracks
Demos can be recorded in house or at live shows. On site live recording requires using my Presonus digital board for your show, but you get an added bonus of live engineering as well. These tracks are later mixed and mastered.
Recording Sessions
I have a fairly large "live room" as well as mixing/mastering "control room". Additionally, my studio is located in my home and there is room to "spread out" if necessary. Relaxed atmosphere for max creativity.
​We have several guitar amps, Sansamp bass DI, keyboard with several synths including an excellent B3 emulation and Rhodes electric piano. We use Studio One 3 Professional by Presonus and Slate Digital plugins as well as others. We use Focusrite and Presonus audio interfaces. Tama drums are mic'd up and ready to go.